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The DJ Train plays music.  All kinds of music, and can play all the time.  

The DJ Train is a metaphor for our desire to keep the music playing, using our custom software to play music the way a radio or club DJ would*

Our computer keeps the music on track, but we have humans to assist when needed.

The concept of The DJ Train came from the combination of our DJ in a BOX hardware and software with our G-Scale trains.  

With the DJ-in a BOX, the music only stops when there's something important to do (such as talk about your dollar dance, if you're at a wedding.)  

The train theme compliments this, since most trains only stop when they need to (such as let passengers on and off.)  

Pete & Edy have been doing DJ work for over 20 years and find The DJ Train is a way to have fun with what is already a great way to entertain folks.

The DJ Train consists of two parts.  There's a computer that plays the songs, and one where patrons can choose the music.  

The DJ Train can be set for:

The fee varies according to how The DJ Train is used.

The DJ Train with a sound technician to ensure proper operation is $ 75.00 per hour. 

The DJ Train with Announcer is $ 90.00 per hour. 

The DJ Train with live DJ is $ 100.00 per hour. 

There's a two hour minimum, with a 50% discount for each additional hour.  (So, for example, a three hour event with a live DJ is $200.00 for the first two hours, and $50.00 per hour after that.  Over the years, this has been the most popular option, though we've had receptions that run six, eight or ten hours long over the years.)

When using the DJ Train, the format is normally decided in advance, which limits what’s visible in the variety of musical genre’s (Top 40, Dance, Rock, Country, Big Band, etc.) This can be adapted to include background, Christmas or other holiday music, etc. The format also comes into play when the DJ Train runs out of songs to play that were put in by the public. In this case either the Announcer/DJ or the DJ Train computer will select songs based on the format. The format can also limit the number of slow (and/or almost slow) songs that can be played per hour, how many songs of a specific artist can be played (total and per hour,) and such things.

One suggestion we make, when having a multi-generation event (like a Wedding Reception, office party or picnic) where the guests will be doing an RSVP, is to send out a "choose your favorite songs" ballot with the invitation (and/or by snail mail/email later) This information can also be used for a countdown at some time during the event of the group's favorite songs. It also should give an idea of how to set the format for the event, and allow for the procurement of some songs if needed. It doesn’t limit the Announcer, DJ or DJ Train to those songs requested in advance, just gives us the ability to tailor the music to your event.

Our online Favorite Songs form is available to you and your guests, so you can add a reference to it in your invitation, if desired.  
(We can also give you an event code which lets us know they're going to your event, and we make sure and have what they ask for.)

If you've spoken to us online or on the phone, and want to make a deposit, here's how:

To reserve a date:
Fill in your date, then click on Add to Cart, which will create a 48.01 charge , to which the checkout process adds 1.99 (for "shipping",) which creates the $50.00 deposit needed to secure a date.    
The balance will be due
at the event.

(It's recommended to confirm with us first that your date is available.  If it's not when we get this, we'll refund the money.)

Or send us an email for more information on how to get The DJ Train at your next event.  Or, give us a call at 937-867-3433.

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* The lead programmer behind the DJ Train has a radio and nightclub background, so we've got a bit of experience with that.


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